Chef: @petitepancakery

    "Ever wonder what a Terry’s Chocolate Orange would taste like in baked oat form? Well stop what you’re doing and go make these chocolate orange baked oats 🤤 they smell and taste delicious, you’ll thank me later! 🍫🍊"


    1. 30g Suppy vanilla whey protein
    2. 30g lakanto monkfruit
    3. 30g almond flour
    4. 15g light butter
    5. 30g vitafiberimo syrup
    6. 12ml or 1 tbsp almond milk
    7. 1/4 tsp salt
    8. 15g mini marshmallows
    9. 8g sugar free chocolate chips


    1. Mix together dry ingredients
    2. Melt butter (let cool a sec) & add to dry. Add in rest of wet ingredients & combine well until a thick consistency forms.
    3. Fold in mini marshmallows (I cut mine in half) & chocolate chips.
    4. Press batter into a mini loaf tin lined with parchment & add additional toppings as desired.
    5. Bake ~15 mins at 350F. You can also further brown any marshmallow toppings under the broiler or with a torch if you'd like.
    6. Let cool fully before attempting to slice. Munch away & store leftovers in the fridge!

    Nutritional Facts

    Recipes makes 3 large bars
    • Per bar: 171 cals (10g P • 15g C • 9g F)
    • Whole batch: 512 cals (31g P • 46g C • 27g F)

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