Baked Chocolate Protein Oats with Orange

Baked Chocolate Protein Oats with Orange

Chef: @fitfood_ae

"Ever wonder what a Terry’s Chocolate Orange would taste like in baked oat form? Well stop what you’re doing and go make these chocolate orange baked oats 🤤 they smell and taste delicious, you’ll thank me later! 🍫🍊"


  1. 45g oat flour
  2. 25g Suppy chocolate protein powder
  3. 5g swervesweetie granular or similar
  4. 2g baking powder
  5. 10g unsweetened cocoa powder
  6. 50g nonfat Greek yogurt
  7. 50ml unsweetened almond milk
  8. 50ml light orange juice
  9. 4ml orange extract
  10. 30g sliced oranges
  11. 15g mini chocolate chips


  1. Mix the dry ingredients together
  2. Then add the wet (except orange and chocolate chips)
  3. Spray your 6.5 inch cast iron skillet with cooking spray
  4. Pour in half the batter
  5. Then add your slice oranges
  6. Pour in the other half of the batter
  7. Then top with the chocolate chips
  8. Air fry for 12 mins at 350F or bake at 400F for 20-25 mins
  9. Dig in!

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