Suppy x Bootcamps for Change

Suppy x Bootcamps for Change

Suppy x Bootcamps for Change

Suppy is proud to be Canadian. And like this great country, we’re small and mighty, but we do our best to punch above our weight. As we grow, we aspire to become a part of the Toronto fitness community and help make the world a better place. With this, we are super excited to announce our partnership with Toronto-based charity, Bootcamps for Change.

About Bootcamps for Change

Bootcamps for Change is an awesome organization that spreads love inside of local shelters by facilitating weekly fitness programs for homeless youth. They are firm believers that exercise not only improves physical well-being, but it also has a deep positive impact on mental health and self-confidence. We couldn’t agree more.

With representation in Toronto, Halifax, and Waterloo, Bootcamps’ mission is to break the cycle of poverty by promoting mental health, physical well-being, and resilience. They want to provide homeless youth with an opportunity to become certified trainers, and eventually return to the organization as instructors. In addition to their shelter sessions, they also host monthly fitness events in studios across Toronto, for fundraising and awareness.

Toronto, ON

Our Role

We will be the official protein supplier for Bootcamps for Change's fitness + wellness campaign, which takes place over the next 4 weeks at Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth. The programming will include a yoga practice hosted by ‘Anxiety Warrior’ and health coach, Julian Brass. Though our role is a small one, we’re very happy to be involved with such an awesome local organization. We love physical activity and the self-confidence that comes with it – we hope that through our small support, we can share our passion with homeless youth.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bootcamps for Change, check them out on Instagram @bootcampsforchange or reach out to Pamela at 

You can learn more about Eva’s shelters by visiting their website or on Instagram @EvasInitiatives 

You can connect with Julian Brass through his site, or by following him on Instagram @julian_brass