Suppy Spotlight: Featuring Karina Vee

Suppy Spotlight: Featuring Karina Vee

Welcome to our first installment of Suppy Spotlight. Here we feature athletes and fitness leaders from across Canada and learn about their diet, their routines, and their deepest darkest secrets (okay, maybe not their darkest secrets). Our first guest is Toronto-based fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and total badass, Karina Vee.

Who is Karina Vee?

Karina Vee is a certified personal trainer, an athlete, a yoga instructor, and a meditation devotee. As a leader in the Toronto fitness community, she spends her days training, attending classes, teaching, stretching, sweating, laughing and loving. In addition to her time inside the studio, she also hosts awesome week-long wellness retreats through Fit Escapes to help you reenergize and reconnect with nature.

What motivates you?

People who do what they love and who are positive and kind!

How do you balance your social life with your fitness goals?

My fitness goals are as important to me as my social life, so I make sure I get a good balance of both.

What does your weekly fitness routine look like?

I train 6 days a week and do a lot of it with HIIT training at Barry's Bootcamp:

4 days of strength training in the gym, where I work specific body parts (such as legs, glutes, shoulders, chest, and back), I do yoga 2 days and do one day of something fun and different, such as boxing, animal flow, powerlifting, or barre.

Toronto, ON

What is one healthy habit that you do daily?

I drink water with cholorphyl and focus on mindfulness, as much as I can.

What’s next? What are your aspirations for the future?

This is just the beginning I have so many future goals/plans. I hope to reach more people and help them live healthier and happier.

Lightning Round (Yay or Nay)

How do you feel about each of the following?

Cheat Days: HELL YES

Counting Calories: NOPE

Intermittent Fasting: YES, EVERYDAY

Beer Yoga: NAH

Rest Days: YES

You can connect with Karina on Instagram @karinaveee or learn more about her personal training and nutrition coaching at

And if you're especially feeling adventurous, check out Fit Escape's wellness retreats or sign up for one of her classes at Barry's Bootcamps