A Simpler Whey

90's Muscle Magazine Cover

The 90’s called and they want their protein back

90's Muscle Magazine CoverGone are the days of frosted tips and oily men in skimpy shorts and neon tank tops. Fitness has changed, but protein companies haven’t. They still have retail stores in every mall, full of sales staff and weird supplements that no one ever buys. Frankly, we were tired of paying for all of that extra stuff, and we’re sure you are too. We built Suppy to simplify the process and bring you your protein for less.

Whether you prefer to break PRs in the weight room or hang in a rock climbing gym, Suppy is here to make things easier for you. As we like to say, you do the heavy lifting and leave the rest to us.

We want to bring this approach to everything we do, and our blog is no exception. On here we will write about workout tips, nutrition, and the lifestyle of the modern athlete - always searching for a simpler whey.

Stay tuned for bad jokes and helpful advice.


Tom from Suppy.